activity interval

activity interval
интервал активности

maintenance interval — интервал между регламентными работами

transmission interval — интервал между посылками импульсов

landing-time interval — временный интервал между посадками

ideal significant interval — идеальный изохронный интервал

sounding interval — интервал между измеренными глубинами

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  • interval — A time or space between two periods or objects; a break in continuity. [L. inter vallum, space between breastworks in a camp, an i., fr. vallum, a rampart, wall] a c i. the i. between the onset of the a wave and that of the c wave of the jugular… …   Medical dictionary

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  • QRST interval — Q–T interval in electrocardiography, the time from the beginning of the Q wave to the end of the T wave; it represents the duration of ventricular electrical activity. See also illustration at electrocardiogram …   Medical dictionary

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  • H–V interval — the period between the onset of depolarization of the bundle of His, the H deflection in a His bundle electrogram, and the onset of ventricular activity, measured by surface or intracardiac leads; it approximates the time for conduction through… …   Medical dictionary

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